Our point of view

We don't compare

We don't plan first

We are not advertising companies


Our design draft is the internal audit standard of "Pass the first draft"

Our planning plan is a standard that can be selected and implemented immediately after all-round investigation

We are the front-end designers of top-level design, differentiated positioning, concept recognition and visual recognition at the beginning of brand establishment or upgrading

Time is only for those who trust

Our labor achievements: 80% of the workload is thought plan, and 20% is design draft. These are electronic products of our creative design company. After delivery, it is over. We don't have the same advertising channels or production materials as the advertising company to maintain the design fee. Therefore, if you really understand the business scope of a creative design company, please respect our payer You don't need to worry about it. Our "until satisfied" is written into the contract, without any risk, so you don't worry about it!

Regular customers often say: "after experiencing the AMIB creative service, we will continue to cooperate. No one knows us better and what we need better than them. It's too hard to choose the right design company! When you meet the right one, start the whole year service! "

Welcome to experience and start our cooperation!

Brand management services throughout the year, let me become your planning department!

Our strengths


AMIB creative new R & D and service enterprises set up a brand identification system based on the AMIB business model. From brand consultation, brand planning, brand design, the whole year brand management service and other links, you have a dedicated AMIB Special Group, with a dedicated AMIB person in charge of the whole process tracking service, and comprehensively establish, manage and optimize your brand system. All designers must consider the service brand as their own brand and design. We consider the design scheme from the position of customers. The starting point is neutral and the customer market benefits are the first. We will never mislead you because we want you to buy a certain product and service. We will transfer the ownership of all resources to our customers, so that you will never worry about it! To do a good job in brand management, cost saving, risk control and brand protection for the enterprise with the attitude of master!


AMIB creative is the first creative design company in China to introduce AMIB business system. It has a group of planning and creative elites led by CCTV director. Most of the trump card consultants are entrepreneurs who have been engaged in business for many years. They have the top marketing planning masters in China and the brand design concept with international vision, which helps enterprises improve brand value. We are a professional brand R & D practical team that integrates Brand consultation + Brand planning + Brand design. We have been fighting in the front line to provide many enterprises with all-round and multi platform brand management optimization solutions; professional design, innovation concept, visual presentation, to provide you with different brand services. We firmly believe that we can see the strength through works and build the brand through word-of-mouth!


We always keep up with the times and keep learning new international design concepts. We use the latest design concepts to serve our customer service and achieve a good user experience. It's also our mission to give back to our partners with the most cutting-edge design level, provide more effective and refined services, and shape the brand's sense of value and mission! We firmly believe that creativity is the first productivity, from top-level design to visual design, creativity is everywhere! The eternal pursuit of our AMIB creative team is to design a brand image that is refreshing and warm!

Cooperative Q & A

1、 What is the scope and content of AMIB creative services?

AMIB creative firmly believes that "Creative idea is productive forces". It is an exclusive initiative to create a 360 degree integrated marketing ecosystem of "Mi Brand, Mi Creative, Mi Network and Mi Spreads".

Mi Brand | Brand initial construction system       Brand upgrading system        Listing planning system

Mi Creative | Logo original hand-painted design, Visual identity system design, Product packaging creative design, Enterprise / product album design, Exhibition hall / exhibition / stand design, Elabo design, Folding design, Shop head design, Corporate culture wall planning and design, etc;

Mi Network | Promotion of competitive page planning and design (single page website), display / high-end customized official website construction package, investment promotion official website construction package, Wechat public platform construction + small routine construction;

Mi Spreads | App + KOL + TV station advertising + outdoor advertising + five major portals.

Service type: annual outsourcing brand design

Outsourcing throughout the year | enterprise based brand management services throughout the year

Brand whole case | brand initial construction system, brand upgrading system, listing planning system

Design items | or independent design items according to the needs of the enterprise

2、 How to cooperate? How much do you charge?

Preliminary consultation communication - > submit project quotation proposal - > sign contract payment - > set up AMIB Special Group - > Consultation Research - > Internal discussion - > submit design plan - > approve design plan - > sign customer confirmation sheet for customer satisfaction - > send source document

Satisfaction first, pay first, then design

The secret of 99% satisfaction rate of AMIB creative customers is one-time payment. Our old customers know the payment method, but new customers are usually difficult to understand. There are several reasons for this:

1. Brand planning is the initial stage of preparation, often some projects are stranded, not done, and the final payment is not received;

2. The founder of the brand often wants to do a lot of projects with great enthusiasm, and the determination to invest funds is also to help TA to deliberate, reduce the impulse to start a business, and screen immature projects;

3. The success feelings of the planners are the same as those of the founders, and they should devote all their efforts to help the brand to catch fire; the designers are not afraid to change their manuscripts, are more willing to contribute their inspiration, and are positive, optimistic, and do not complain;

4. Greatly save the time of internal process management, financial collection and special group connection. Time cost is the most expensive, we don't want to waste a minute on dunning, time can only be used to create brand value;

5. It's not easy to find the feeling that the founder wants in the design. Many bosses can't say what they want. No matter how many manuscripts they make and how many styles and dimensions they have, we can always help TA find the brand tone they like;

6. The design is perceptual and does not pursue the collection to destroy the feelings of both parties. Until the work is done well, the customer satisfaction exceeds expectations, and the company is promoted as a strategic partner throughout the year to enjoy more value-added services;

7. The brand needs to be honed constantly. It is possible that the design draft needs to be revised repeatedly. Which is more cost-effective? Partners are not greedy for cheap design fees, but choose to work together with AMIB ideas to illustrate everything.

Pay for results!

Work together for a great brand

What you are satisfied with is only that draft. It may be 10 or 20 for us Even more, no matter how many drafts, there is one that you are satisfied with within the specified time. For us, as long as the customer is not satisfied, it is our fault. In AMIB creative, you must find the design feeling you want.

Satisfaction first is that we find it too difficult for bosses to find a reliable design that can make what they want. They think it's just a case of sharing the same ideas with each other, but others don't understand him. Our AMIB idea is to do it - to serve a brand, we can put forward more plans than the boss to realize his strategic thinking, so the workload is huge, and some bosses will totally deny their original direction , everything will come back. If the workload is not evaluated on time, it is also a buy it now price for satisfaction. We need to convince ourselves that only when we improve ourselves, support the brand, and create a hot brand, can we have a fire if we are willing to invest 12 points in the products that satisfy our customers and work hard to promote them unswervingly. Sometimes the workload increases more than five times. We also insist on not charging customers more money, so that he can be assured of being loyal to his heart and comfort him that we are not afraid of change. It's not a general tiredness, but only in this way can we build a brand that can stand the hardships. Almost all of us are introduced by old customers and know our payment method, so being trusted is also the most valuable and the most invincible. It needs to go further, be relied on and irreplaceable. This step is a little big, but we must take it.

Fortunately, 90% of our service partners are regular customers. For less than 100000 yuan, payment before design is the most efficient way, which has been understood and supported by all partners. You only need to pay for the results, there will be no charge in the middle, efficient and worry free, one step in place.

3、 How long is the design period?

Generally, the design of a single item or brand is 5-90 working days, depending on the time consumption of specific design items. At least 5 days, design is a kind of work of thinking absorption, divergence, aggregation and imaging. It takes a lot of time to think, research and discuss. The length of time directly affects the quality of work. No urgent orders are received. Please arrange your own time and reserve design thinking time.

4、 AMIB has never worked in your industry. Is that a problem?

We are a brand consulting and planning design company, relying on the understanding of brand, marketing and operation, not on the mixed industry - the knowledge of the industry can never surpass you. Manage and operate your bank, plan and design our bank, and professionals do professional work. You have your way, I have my way. “No diamond, no porcelain work”.

You should know an iron rule: innovation often does not come from this industry. In the industry, there are often only copycat, plagiarism and no innovation. If you are cheap, he is cheaper than you. There is an endless price war. If you don't want to fight for low price, you need to seek innovation. If you want to improve the competitiveness of the industry, it is the mission of every enterprise owner. We have done a lot of industries, met a lot of entrepreneurs with feelings and ideas, and helped these entrepreneurs to set up each new brand as an industry benchmark, which is the significance of our existence. AMIB creative is good at normalizing and solving problems in different industries / categories with protractor theory summary methods. In our opinion, the problems encountered by enterprises are very similar. We can find methods and tools suitable for enterprises in brand management. What's more, we are familiar with the problems encountered by enterprises at what stage, what crisis will be encountered when the brand develops to what state, and what expansion demand will be for the sales volume of products, etc.

5、 AMIB creative and you are in two cities. Is that a problem?

Of course not.

AMIB creative business covers the whole world, more than 80% of its customers come from different cities, and some of its perennial service customers have not even met. We are based on the working mode of amoeba special group to serve you. We work online online, connect with remote mobile phones, communicate freely 24 hours a day, anywhere, anytime, anywhere, no time, no space, no region, efficient, time-saving, and worry free. We believe that you can choose the creativity, specialty and achievements of brand design rather than the convenient service on your doorstep.

6、 This is a very simple one for me. Just design it casually. Can you give me a discount?

No. In our eyes, there is no simple design, no casual works. We can't handle the careless typesetting documents. I'm sorry not only for you, but also for the reputation we have accumulated over the years. If you want to typeset, please go to the advertising graphic shop. It's called free design. Time is the biggest cost. If the same time can't be used to make a perfect work, and a rough product is made, it will destroy everything. Please try to understand that "simple" is more "expensive" in our eyes. Moreover, our definition of "simple" is definitely different. We believe that the minimalist style is the highest level of design attainments, only the most powerful designers with more than 15 years of experience can be sure to design, simplify and refine, and convey the brand connotation with minimalist graphics.

7、 This is very important for me. I'm afraid you can't do it. Can I make a plan first and then decide?

No, don't think about things that don't pay. AMIB creative will not participate in any form of comparison or competition. If the source documents in the computer can't prove our strength, please take the risk of your self-confidence.

It's true that there are many customers who have run into difficulties elsewhere. We have such concerns when we find them, and we deeply understand them. However, we are more willing to take the time to give them old customers who are deeply dependent on us. It is a responsible attitude in business design to have no time to do these idle work, to serve high-quality customers and provide high-quality services.

The plan accounts for 80% of our design work. If there is a company that can easily come up with a plan first, you can imagine how easy it is to come up with the plan at will. Can we change it in five minutes? no Three days of research? Yes! Then why is he so idle?...

8、 How many people in your company? What level of designer?

AMIB creative thought: what you need is a brand design elite, not 10000 artists and sailors. It is invalid for a company that relies on its brain to engage in human sea tactics. We firmly believe that an elite brain is better than 100 mediocre brains. Don't ask how many people we will send to serve you. Human sea tactics are a cover up for the failure of creativity, as long as a good one is good?!

Brand design is a whole work, planning and design are not separate, our designers must have planning, marketing, operation, design and strategic vision. Workflow: first of all, a large number of research must be conducted to understand the characteristics of the industry. Then, starting from the operators, thinking from the perspective of agents and end users, we should carry out [visualization thinking], find out key words, derive several creative graphics from each key word, and start to create the main visual design according to the difference proposal of competitive products and the proposal of customers. The top designers from 4A advertising company can't get enough in brand design company. Brand design should not only be good-looking, but also have personality, creativity and connotation. There are many of our customers who have changed from 4a to cooperate with AMIB. In the market economy, everything speaks with works.

9、 What's the difference between a brand design company and an advertising company?

There is a big difference between the two. They are not in the same industry at all. However, in order to retain customers' ignorance of "free design", some advertising companies have no awareness of the design standards, irresponsible and stereotyped template, and attract the first entrepreneurs to cast invalid advertisements. It is not easy to start a business, and the money is floating. Who knows that "free is the most expensive!" If you don't practice your internal skill well, you will go to the battlefield. You don't know how to "die"! In fact, most people are confused except for the boss who has been in the business for more than three or five years. We will make a difference to you in a concise way:

The former relies on planning and design, while the latter relies on integration of resources;

The former focuses on positioning creativity, while the latter focuses on media channels;

The former are all designers and the latter are mostly salesmen;

The former takes a long time, while the latter is quick to catch up;

The former belongs to top-level design, while the latter belongs to marketing design;

The former shapes the soul body; the latter shapes the flesh body;

The former belongs to soft power and the latter to hard packaging;

The former repair elegant sentiment; the latter show clothes car;

The former pays attention to connotation and cultivation, while the latter pays attention to delicate makeup.

Advertising companies take marketing activities as the carrier, catch up with hot spots and invest in traffic media; brand design companies take brand management as the carrier, to create a differentiated image, that is, to be different from others. If your brand needs to be promoted, you need to find a brand design company to clarify the core concept of the brand, create / upgrade the brand image of the differentiated visual identity system, and then find an advertising company to put in multi-channel advertising, with half the effort.

10、 How can I ask so many questions when I make a packaging design? I didn't even think about it

The ultimate goal of brand is to expand market share. Starting from the ultimate goal, planning and design are one thing and a whole work. If we divide these things into different sections and let multiple teams cross work, each team's concept and understanding will be different, and the results presented will not be a system, and each team will be a matrix. We can't get consistent brand value, so we think that brand design, packaging design, website design and so on, all these things are one thing, should be done in a team, a system, around a core. For us, to make a packaging design is as much as to establish a brand system, thinking about positioning, research, product style and brand tonality.