Mi Brand

Mi Brand refers to the brand strategy consultation, product planning, brand design and other systematic brand services provided by AMIB creative. AMIB creative brand design, without any exception, mus

Mi Brand refers to the brand strategy consultation, product planning, brand design and other systematic brand services provided by AMIB creative. AMIB creative brand design, without any exception, must start from the Mi Brand, read corporate culture, clear brand strategic objectives, in order to do in line with the enterprise's brand building. Mi Brand is the core, the foundation and the soul.

Mi Brand | Service catalog

Brand strategy consultation

Brand diagnosis research

Brand strategic positioning

Brand cultural values shaping

Brand name

Brand slogan

Brand advantage

Brand brief introduction

Brand copy

Product planning

Product Market Research

Competitive product analysis of the same category

Product differentiation positioning

Product selling point refining

Product advantage

Product introduction

Product copy

Brand design


VIS standard

SI standard

Brand posters

Product packaging

Publicity materials

Website customization

Marketing tool

Do I need it?

As the founder of a brand, he has a good sense of brand and understands the importance of brand system construction. However, in reality, he is not allowed to invest too much in brand construction and wants to optimize the overall image of the brand. How can I start?

I want to open a brand chain store, but I don't know if I should: first, manage a single store and then unify the brand image, or start with branding?

Now I have a very good brand idea. The prospect is boundless and the idea is ahead of time. Now I want to achieve part of it and attract investment. How can I achieve it with the lowest cost?

There are so many competitive products in my industry, and the homogenization is serious. How can I use my own advantages to stand out?

My industry is heavily monopolized, with several brands accounting for 90% of the share, and the industry lacks innovation power. How can I integrate resources to subvert and surpass?

My industry has not become a climate, the existing resources are enough to monopolize the market, there is no competitive products, establish a brand benchmark image, how to make other brands have no chance?


If you have the above questions about brand achievement, then you just need the whole case system services of three brands provided by AMIB creative.

Mi brand | Solution

Brand initial construction system 

Brand upgrading system 

Listing planning system

Mi Brand | Brand initial construction system

Who needs: Start-ups

Solve the problem: Brand operation, avoid the cost and time-consuming of later upgrading, greatly save the cost and time of upgrading. At the beginning, the brand awareness was established, the brand value was shaped, and the user's liking degree rose in a straight line.

Amib advantages: Consultants and designers in the field of brand building for more than ten years, combined with the feelings of the founders, jointly create the unique brand image with temperature and wisdom in the current market.

Mi Brand | Brand upgrading system

Who needs: 3-5 years of enterprise

Solve the problem: Systematic brand output, combined with the current brand strategic planning, optimize and upgrade the original brand, reorganize the brand structure, and upgrade the brand vision system on the original basis.

Amib advantages: We have the experience of serving China's top enterprises and the whole industry, have a deep understanding of the development needs of enterprises in all stages, and establish a brand benchmark image that highly matches the market.

Mi Brand | Listing planning system

Who needs: 6-10-year enterprises, enterprises with cultivation / specification / listing plan

Solve the problem: Based on the brand upgrading system, create a brand image that conforms to the listed enterprises. Different solutions are given to different enterprises: start-up companies solve problems such as strategic planning implementation and organizational structure construction; growth companies solve problems such as legal compliance of Finance and taxation, organizational structure adjustment and optimization of internal and external resources; enterprises that meet the listing conditions assist enterprises in docking financial investment, docking and assisting securities companies to help companies successfully list.

Amib advantages: It has strategic partners to guide listing, precise diagnosis, targeted to solve pain points, guarantee step-by-step, and achieve goals faster.

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